Delivery Man
Company Name Zuellig Cambodia
Company Legal Form ក្រុមហ៊ុនឯកជន
Company Activity ចែកចាយឱសថ
Number of Employees 100
Location រាជធានីភ្នំពេញ
Gender Male and Female Language
Age Location រាជធានីភ្នំពេញ
Number of Hiring 1 Salary 180$ - 220$
Level កម្រិតចូល Term ពេញ​ម៉ោង

Job Descriptions

           Stock Dispatch

  • Count and double check stock completeness and correctness of quantity

  • Ensure stocks are in good quality and saleable condition

  • Ensure forms are properly filled up.

  • Report immediately to Warehouse or Deliver Admin any discrepancy on quantity and

    quality during the process Stock Delivery to Customers

  • Delivery to customer follows the schedule or a per delivery instruction.

  • Ensure all Credit invoices signed with date and name of customer

  • Ensure all COD invoices are collected during delivery or seek approval if invoice will be

    converted to Credit.

  • Contact immediately the Delivery Admin if there will be concerns or issues during


  • Invoice and collection Transmittal

  • Remit the collection, Official Receipt and Invoice to Finance assigned staff within

    agreed schedule.

  • Together with the Finance staff, check completeness of the Invoices with those in the


  • Ensure pending invoices undelivered will not be received by Finance

  • Secure signature of receipt of collection and documents by the Finance staff.

  • Clearance of Invoices

  • Submits the signed Manifest by Finance to the Delivery Admin

  • Collect Waybill from Taxi after receiving advice from Delivery admin 

Job Requirements

  • Student or fresh graduate can apply

  • Honest and strong comitment

  • Experience of delivery would be preferred

  • Communication skills and flexibility

  • Ability to work under pressure 

How to Apply

Please submit CV, Cover Letter, Notice Period due to their current employers, Salaries Expectations and current photo by email to the contacts below: ‐ Ms. Chanthy Kong (HR & Compliance Manager),