Trichotillomania, a Kind of Hair Loss as Habit of Pulling Hair by Addiction

Do you like pulling hair? Be careful of hair loss…!   Hair loss is a problem that most people face with every day; there are many types and many causes. Trichotillomania is one of hair loss which Health Time chooses as a topic to interview with Dr. Chan Vicheth dermatologist, a deputy director of Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, also a Director of Cambodian Association of Dermatology.    Definition   Trichotillomania is a kind of hair loss as habit from pulling hair by addiction and continue doing like this as always. Another point is the patients have faced with mental health problem or intense emotional crisis can also lead to trichotillomania.   Causes   Trichotillomania is not genetic disease, nor the certain cause, according to the theory; feeling tense psychological or emotional impact causes hair loss by pulling hair themselves as an addiction and habit. The percentages of trichotillomania who suffer the most are women than men.   Symptoms   You can see hair on the head, eyebrows, eyelashes, arms, legs, chest, or even facial hair and mustache become loss like a field. Those can be called Trichotillomania, just refers to hair on the head that can see the most.   Diagnosis   Generally, the diagnosis is considered to psychological symptoms, emotional impact, directly affects the feelings which make the patients pull their hair consciously. While they get hair loss, they are shy, always refused to join any social event as well as being alone.     Treatment    Hair loss cause by such routine, the treatment is to change the habits. Whenever those problems due to anger, mental health problem, they should be advised to see psychologist as a consultant, to change any behavior, to know their situation will be more serious if not modified routine. It might be hard to treat because it’s such an addiction, but it may help prevented, for example, if the patient like pulling hair while traveling ,  they should wear a hat or headscarf, they are also encouraged and do not blame them about that issue.   Complications   If patients did not receive the treatments faster, they will affect their quality of life, embarrassed to join any social events and like being isolated. Moreover, patients may face hair loss all over their head.   Last but not least, if people face with those any problem of hair loss, they should be consulted with the dermatologists,  so that doctor will find out as trichotillomania or not, then he will advise to meet psychologist to avoid those bad habits.