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About Us

Our History

Founded in September, 2012, Healthtime humbly began as the only Health Magazine in Cambodia called "Healthtime Magazine". With the recognition of quality of content produced by Healthtime in collaboration with many health professionals in Cambodia, Healthtime continued to expand into Clinic Search Engine and Appointment service in July 2016 and has been awarded as the Champion of the Regional Business Plan Contest 2016 by JICA. In January 2017, Healthtime established Healthtime Community with health professionals and healthcare related businesses as members and supply business solutions including OEM/ODM, Business Consultation and Marketing Solutions.

Our Philosophy

"Everyone deserves better health information, better health access and better health!"

Our Vision

To be the leader in bringing high quality products and up-to-date technologies to improve people's health.

Our Mission

To research, develop and partner with high quality and socially responsible partners to bring in the products and technologies that help people's life.

To distribute the products and technologies to all relevant stakeholders and users.

To provide on-going partner and customer care and information.

To promote healthy lifestyles and regular health monitoring.

What do we do?

1. Trading: we import & distribute products in the following categories:

Home Health Monitoring: CareSens Korea, FORACARE Switzerland, Alpahamed China

Bone Support: Dr. MED Korea

Vitamins & Supplements: Lemona Korea

Hygiene: Good Life Singapore

Aesthetics Supply: J-Cain Korea, JBP Korea

Toys: Amazing Toys Hong Kong

2. Marketing Service: Healthtime has established many platforms that are trusted by general public including Healthtime Pro Magazine, Multi-function website www.healthtime.tips (Health Library, Hospital Search Engine), Healthtime Talk Show, Healthtime Festival. Besides, we also provide marketing services including Digital Campaign Management and Video Production.

Our Marketing Service Clients include top corporates such as Manulife, Khmer Beverages, Vital, Co-Plaster, Coxil, etc.

Who are we?

Healthtime has a very young yet enthusiatic and passionate population comprised of Pharmacists, Medical Doctors, Software Developers, Graphic Designers, Marketing and Communication with full supports from Senior Health Professionals, Students, Public and Private Institutes.