Let's watch the inspiring talks at Youth Talk!!!

Let's watch the inspiring talks at Youth Talk!!!

It's women's week over at Wapatoa! Here, we have inspiring women talking about their careers as artist, writer, documentary maker and a social experiment from one 15 year old wise little girl! Something to spike up your motivation, whether you're female, male or an UFO (ungenderfied flirty object). 

I’m An Artist and Proud
Rithy Lomorkesor @ Youth Talk (click here for video)
It’s not easy being an artist in Cambodia, much less a female, self-made singer, songwriter, and graphic designer at that. Here, the famous Rithy Lomorkesor, or Yoko talks about one of her proudest undertaking, being a free artist...

I Cut My Hair and Learned about Gender
Run Sythong @Youth Talk (click here for video)
If you’re a girl with a short hair cut, people will assume you’re a tomboy in Cambodia. But this fifteen-year-old well-spoken girl, Run Sythong used that as an experiment and a push to research about gender and sexuality perceptions in the country...

Telling Stories of Unheard Female Construction Workers
Hang Sokunthea @ Youth Talk (click here for video)
Many of the women working in the booming construction field in Cambodia has never had their voices heard, much less to fight for equal pay, promotion and treatments compared to their male counterparts. Hang Sokunthea made a documentary for and about the female construction workers in Cambodia...

I Don’t Regret Choosing to Be a Writer
Dyna @ Youth Talk (click here for video)
To decide to write down your thoughts, and to even publish them for the mass to read are horrifying, but a satisfying experience (that’s what the writers keep on saying anyway.) Here, Dyna, a published and award-winning Khmer author humbly talks about her choice of choosing to write, and urges others to do too...


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