Causes of Hemorrhoid

Causes of Hemorrhoid

Causes of Hemorrhoid

1. Biological factor

All human beings have 3 veins in the region of the anus which are called Hemorrhoid Vein.           

2. Genetic factor

If parents have hemorrhoid, the disease will automatically be transferred to the baby inside the mother.           

 3. Occupation factor

Those who have to sit for a long period of time to perform their job such as tailors, radio repairers, drivers, train drivers, office staff, workers lifting heavy stuff, palm tree climbers, etc.

 4. Food factor

Those who eat too much, or a lot of meat and chilies, dried food, lacking soup, vegetables, fruits, and fiber; those who drink little water; those who often eat fruits and swallow seeds such as guavas, custard apples, java plum, Santol, etc. which cannot be digested by gastrointestinal tract.

5. Hygiene and defecation factor

- Families that do not have latrine, having no water for cleaning anus after defecation

- Those who often have constipation or diarrhea for a long duration

- Those who often clean their anus with grass, rice husk, leaves, tree branches, palm flowers, palm seed or rough paper, etc.

6. Other factors

- Overweight people who do not do exercise often, or women who give birth in a natural way (through vagina)

7. Unnatural way of sexual intercourse

- Anal sexual intercourse

 8. Other diseases factor

 - Those who suffer from chronic coughing; those who use a lot of antibiotics; those who have liver cirrhosis; those who have high blood pressure; those who have Hepatic vein obstruction or those who underwent anus surgery.

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