Symptoms and Impacts of Hemorrhoid

Symptoms and Impacts of Hemorrhoid

Symptoms and Impacts of Hemorrhoid

1. Narrow anus, body gas (Toxic gas), constipation (toxic waste), remaining toxins, and viruses scattering in gastrointestinal tract, and blood;

2. Difficulty in defecation, sometimes constipation, while other times diarrhea, blood in stool, rectal tenesmus, small pieces of round or flat stool, difficulty in food digestion and absorption of nutrients;

3. Abdominal distension, indigestion, frequent bloated gastrointestinal tract, retaining body gas and stool that is putrid, causing bad body and mouth odors and stool with very putrid smell causing gastroenteritis and chronic illnesses that are not curable if hemorrhoids is not treated first;

4. Pain and rash around anus and hemorrhoids;

5. Frequent lower back pain, extremity numbness, restlessness, fatigue, poor sleep, anorexia, or frequent lightheadedness;

6. Frequent headache, dizziness, blurred vision, hair easily turning gray, eyes easily turning blurred or blind, poor memory/concentration, high boredom and irritation;

7. Difficulty in urination and decrease in sexual desire;

8. Hepatotoxic or hepatitis (A, B, C), weak liver which fails to help digest food and clean blood that causes intoxication, toxic blood and blood with illness;

9. cardio-pulmonary dysfunction; the circulation can be high, low, or even filled with blood clot inside the hemorrhoid, making the heart and lung work harder and become weak, easy to get startle;

10. Frequent skin diseases, rash, hives, wrinkle skin, getting older than age, unclear skin;

11. Parents suffering from hemorrhoids pass on hemorrhoids to their children at conception automatically;

12. At stage 4 they appear externally and could not be inserted back, which causes severe pain and bleeding. Immediate treatment is required.

We have collected all of the above results from the hemorrhoids patients under treatment and study.

Note:  These results do not mean that all the 12 diseases above, specifically digestive diseases, are caused by only hemorrhoids; they could be caused by other factors or diseases such as bacteria, food factors, alcohol, irregular meals, misuse of medicines, insomnia, etc., which cause any tissue to be sick directly or indirectly. Actual treatment is required. In special cases of patients with gastrointestinal tract and liver diseases, they must think of hemorrhoids first and have the doctor check their anus; if there is no hemorrhoids presented, then other factors should be diagnosed for causing gastrointestinal tract and liver diseases.

However, if those diseases, particularly gastrointestinal tract, liver, skin, and brain ones, have been under treatment for a long time with many doctors in many countries, but still have not healed successfully, patients must think again about hemorrhoids. 

In short, if those diseases are caused by hemorrhoids they are incurable if hemorrhoids are not treated first, and those diseases will return even though treatment or cell replacement were performed.

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