Classification of Hemorrhoid

 Classification of Hemorrhoid

 Classification of Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid is classified into 4 types:

Type 1: External Hemorrhoid

Type 2: Internal Hemorrhoid

Type 3: Bi Hemorrhoid

Type 4: Mixed Hemorrhoid

 Grade of Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid is divided into 4 grades:

1. Grade 1 of hemorrhoids is the first stage that hemorrhoid just starts and it does not show any serious symptoms; patients only experience defecation difficulty (either constipation, diarrhea, or blood in stool), pain and itchy anus.

2. Grade 2 of hemorrhoids is the second stage that hemorrhoid enlarges and causes severe difficulty during defecation; hemorrhoids may protrude beyond the anal verge but return to their resting point by themselves after defecation.

3. Grade 3 of hemorrhoids is the stage that hemorrhoid gets bigger every time the patients go to toilet. Hemorrhoids protrude, causing severe pain with blood present. After defecation, hemorrhoid cannot return to their resting point by themselves, and manual effort is required for replacement into the anal canal.

4. Grade 4 of hemorrhoids is the final stage where hemorrhoids prolapse by themselves and cannot be returned no matter how much effort is put to push them back, causing acute thrombosis.

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