Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoid Treatment

Treatment of Hemorrhoid is divided into two methods: conventional and modern.

1. Conventional treatment has been in existence for a long time and learned from one generation to another. Treatment includes:

            - Boil traditional medicines (leaves, branches, roots, etc.)

            - Tablet or capsule, or cream

            - Take a steam-bath, or grill

            - Medicine for cutting

2. Modern treatment is divided into methods: surgical and non-surgical.           

3. Surgical treatment

​​​​                - Manual operation

                - Machine operation

    4. Nonsurgical treatment

                 - Treatment by laser

                 - Treatment by rubber band ligation

                 - Treatment by pill

                 - Treatment by cream

                 - Treatment by injection

5. Treatment by modern injection and medicines

                 - Inject from 3 to 5 days the longest

           - 7 to 10 days after injection, hemorrhoids will drop by themselves

               - During the course of treatment, patients can walk, sleep, stand, sit, do business, perform their job as usual without staying at the clinic

             - Guarantee that the after treatment hemorrhoids will not appear again (Lifetime Warrantee card issuance)

     - Patients are completely cured for all the types of hemorrhoids, even though they have been 50 or 60 years, or are at the final stage with blood and strain.