Complication of Hemorrhoid

Complication of Hemorrhoid

Complication of Hemorrhoid
1.After treatment and drop of hemorrhoid, there might be minor pain.

2.Some pain occurs after stool passes through the wound.

3.After treatment, anus will not perform stretching or tightening as usual, but will return to be normal from 3 to 12 months.

4.New anus will be a little small, but after 3 to 12 months it will gradually in size and return to normal.

Post Treatment of Hemorrhoid

1.After complete treatment of hemorrhoid, the symptoms caused by the diseases will be disappeared; there is no more pain nor bleeding, and defecation will be more convenient, and toxic waste or gas inside intestines and blood will be completely discharged.

2.Better operation of gastrointestinal tract in digesting and absorbing foodstuff.

3.Gastrointestinal tract disease caused by hemorrhoid will be gradually recovered.

4.Liver stops receiving toxic matter left from food from gastrointestinal tract, and liver that was ill because of hemorrhoid will return to normal by itself.

5.Symptoms such as tight chest or suffocation will disappear, and blood circulation, heart, and lung will return to normal.

6.No more headache, dizzy, hair loss, or grey hair; better eye vision.

7.Better memory, less boredom or frustration.

8.No more daily backache, leg or arm pain, or dizziness.

9.Fresh skin without skin diseases such as rash, itchy skin, or hives.

10.Better sexual sensation, and feel strong as before.

11.In conclusion, after treatment of hemorrhoid, the patients will be healthy and strong. Their memory will return to normal. General health will be good just like a clear sky after raining.

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